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Report Date: 02.14.2006

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UPS Freight
Road Freight (LTL/TL)
What can brown do for you? The question should be, What else is Brown going to do? We found these photos in the inbox of the News-desk eMail today and just had to get them published. Everyone knows that UPS is the cash-cow of the transportation industry, but now Brown has really stepped out in front with their Freight division appearance.
On the right are two photos of the UPS Freight tractor trailers. Look for the new wagons to be passing you by soon. 
The following is an excerpt from the UPS Freight webpage at UPS.Com...
The complexities of shipping oversize or heavy freight can be challenging. Your company requires a trusted provider to deliver your freight where it needs to be - intact and on time.  With the 2005 acquisition of Overnite Transportation and Motor Cargo Industries, combined with the transportation solutions of UPS Supply Chain Solutions, UPS now offers a range of less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) freight options for moving your inbound and outbound goods throughout North America.
From the RD News Desk

UPS Freight Cab Photo

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UPS Freight Wagon Full Photo

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